Real Life Bride: Week 35

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our invitations have gone to print, and let's just say there are advantages to being "in the biz." No, not show biz...the wedding biz! When it was time for our letterpress vendor to work on my invitations, my mom personally visited the shop on a Saturday to make sure everything came out according to proof & plan. She even tooks some pictures of the process, and since most of us haven't seen a letterpress machine, I thought it would be fun to share!

{here Jesse is actually running my plates through the printer}

I think what most people don't know {or at least I didn't} is how many "plates" go into letterpress invitations. Every imprint on the invitation has a plate that gets pressed onto the paper. The creation of these multiple plates is what makes letterpress so expensive compared to other forms of print. Many plates can be combined to create one cohesive look - and apparently my set hit a new record for LH Calligraphy!

The most exciting picture for me though was the one with my name on the plate - yes, I'm getting married to Ryan and these are our invitations!

So the benefit of having a personal relationship with the printer would have to be the fact that we had one sample printed and my mom was able to take that piece home and mail it to me to see if everything was just right. And with a few minor tweaks, it is sure to be just right.

I can't wait for the invitations to be completed and for our guests to receive them. Laura's work isn't just a wedding invitation, it's a piece of art and I'm so glad to have our wedding become part of her collection of work.

On another note, we received the rest of our engagement photos and can't wait to share them with you next week. Just a hint as to our reaction to them...Steve Steinhardt is amazing!!


Claire said...

Cool. It is always interesting to see behind the scene photos. Thanks for sharing pictures of the plates and letterpress.

Phyllis Cheung said...

So exciting watching industry professionals plan their own weddings. Can't wait to see the invite!