My Aching Feet

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recently, a bride was on the quest to find just the right shoes to wear with her wedding gown, and like many brides, she was having a difficult time finding a stylish AND comfortable pair of shoes to wear down the aisle.  You see, this particular bride has a low arch to her foot and likes to wear arch supports in her shoes for comfort and cushioning.  She started with the brands found at many local retailers, but they weren't quite right.  Well, by personally having some of the flattest feet seen by many shoe sales people, I knew I had a solution for her - and without the expense, and time - of custom-made orthotics. 

SuperFeet Arch Supports for Women's Dress Shoes
Designed specifically for women's feet and dress shoes, SuperFeet High-Heel inserts have been a welcome addition to my dress shoes.  The thin, light-weight inserts fit easily into just about any pair of high-heels.  The unique design redistributes your body weight so it's no longer completely resting on the ball of your foot (can't you just feel the relief already?).  They also add stability by placing the full foot in contact with the bottom of the shoe, and without getting too science-y on you, they align your body, giving the user a more confident posture.  And best of all, no trimming is required, taking the guess work out of cutting them down to size.

Now, these inserts need a shoe with enclosed heel to fit properly and stay in place, so unfortunately,  they won't work with sling-back or mules.  Available for women's dress shoes of all heel heights, the inserts cost around $20.  
(ps: in addition to dress shoes, SuperFeet also offers inserts for athletic shoes, which I use in my running shoes and oh, what a difference!)

So if you have found a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes and need a little something extra to make them a bit more comfortable, these little inserts can make a big impact for a lady that's going to be on her feet all day and dancing all night long.  Just be sure you purchase early enough so you all can acquainted with one another.  

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