Real Life Bride: Week 36

Monday, July 12, 2010

A few weeks back I posted about our engagement photo session. It was a blistering day with lots of wind and freezing temperatures...well, freezing for Santa Monica ~ it was probably low 60s. Anyway, it was really cold but we (actually me, because Ryan was happily wearing jeans and long sleeves!) toughed it out and went ahead with the shoot as planned despite the wind.

We got our photos back from Steve Steinhardt and we could not be happier! They are so "us" and by far my favorite thing about them is how he captured us naturally. It was such a good experience and made me so comfortable for the upcoming wedding photos. So is a sampling of our shoot!


Anonymous said...

LOVE these photos. Who is the photographer?

Lys said...

Thanks, we love them too! They were taken by Steve Steinhardt.