Custom Trailing Ribbon for Bouquet

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This isn't so much a DIY project as it is a "how to", BUT, many people have asked where we found the ribbon for Susie's wedding, soooo, I wanted to share our resources and a step by step for the process:

1. Choose a quote, poem, love note from your fiance, etc. that you would want on your ribbon. Susie decided on "The Most Beautiful Thing in the World is a Match Well Made" which also made an appearance in other areas like the invitations and programs, but you should choose something that's right for you as a couple.

2. Either hand write the words or hire a calligrapher to write the words for you. We worked with Laura Hooper of LH Calligraphy as she did all of the calligraphy for the stationery as well. BUT, before you have someone write this out for you, get the specs from the end printer. We used Steven from Masterstroke Canada who gave us the size and file type we needed to submit. This is what the file looked like:
3. Submit the file to the printer. Again, Masterstroke Canada handled this for us. He has a great selection of ribbons in different colors and widths as well as a variety of ink colors. Once he printed the ribbon (We used about 2 yards), he sent us a picture of the finished product for our approval, see here:

4. That's it! Give to your florist and let her do her magic! Holly Flora arranged Susie's bouquet and because of the length of her particular quote the length of the ribbon was longer than your average bouquet. If you want something shorter, simply request smaller writing by your calligrapher or choose a shorter quote.

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