Staying Warm at Winter Weddings

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

With winter officially beginning this week, I thought I would share some of my tips on making a winter wedding cozy:

1. Greet guests with a hot drink. From hot apple cider to mulled wine, it will not only warm the guests up, but also get them ready to celebrate. For a list of my very favorite winter drinks, click here.2. Candles everywhere! I'm not implying that candles only have a place at winter weddings, but nothing brings out the romance of the season more so than a intimate setting lit by candlelight. I suggest having them everywhere from the ceremony to dinner tables to literally every single ledge, mantle and table in the venue.3. Speaking of fire, if possible, consider a venue with a built in fireplace or one that will allow you to have an outdoor lounge with a fire pit. Complete the space with pillows, throws blankets and a variety of homemade marshmallows for roasting. 4. Carry the winter theme into favors. Leave baskets of pashminas or knit scarves laying around the space. Send guests home with homemade slippers or a "make your own cocoa" kits for favors. 5. Speaking of cocoa, consider implementing a hot chocolate bar or a really well done coffee station into the day. Let guests help themselves to their favorite mixers and toppings for the bar like Irish Creme, Kahlua or Peppermint Schnapps. For toppings, don't forget the whipped cream, cinnamon sticks or anything else your heart desires. So, there they top 5 tips for warming up a winter wedding. What are your favorite tricks when entertaining this time of year?

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Molly said...

Along with candles, I tend to loooove winter wedding venues that deck the halls with Christmas lights. Nothing looks so beautiful lighting up a photo's background than holiday lighting!