Real Life Bride : Week 9

Monday, January 17, 2011

I have a little secret to let you in on:  Grant and I have been freaking out over our budget, our wedding, our location, our everything. 

Here’s the story:

 When we started shopping around for rehearsal dinner locations and hotels, we thought it’d be nice (especially for all of the out of town guests) to experience a beach-front location.  We looked at venues that were literally on the beach (think: sand), which is almost impossible to do here in LA. We checked out private clubs only to find our rehearsal dinner and welcoming party were going to cost just as much as an entire wedding.  Then, we started looking at beach-front hotels like Shutters and Casa del Mar which resulted in equally expensive.  We searched and searched for this beach-front idea we had and couldn’t find anything within reason.

With high expectations and feeling extremely deflated, we began re-thinking our entire wedding plan to begin with.  Thoughts of eloping entered our head.  We sat down with our parents to discuss the idea of mini destination wedding. In fact, we’re even going to Mexico next week with my parents to check out possible locations!!  (If you haven’t caught on to my personality type right now it’s Type A all the way. Of course when these baby thoughts entered our head I planned an entire scouting trip around them).   

And then, like a light bulb, we found a solution.   This week we let go of our beach-front rehearsal dinner and welcoming party.  We just let it go.  “When one door closes, another one opens…”  

Grant & I aren’t extreme beach fanatics anyway, and while the idea sounded nice, it honestly wasn’t that difficult to change direction.  We opened our minds up to other options and this week we found a perfect solution.  We found a GREAT hotel for our guests and as an added plus, the restaurant located in the hotel has this adorable courtyard where we can host the rehearsal dinner/welcoming party.  It is soooooo cute! The space really matches our personality and will be easy to theme in with the wedding.   I’m not going to give the name of the hotel away quite yet (until we’re 100% booked), but I must say the name is quite appropriate considering I am the daughter of a farmer (clearing throat…Jacey can’t keep secrets).  

Above you can see some photos of our scouting trip to the hotel.   A very relieved Jacey & Grant now have a perfect option (and affordable option) to host our rehearsal dinner.   And as a bonus we’re headed to Mexico next week for a nice vacation.


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