Real Life Bride: Week 8

Monday, January 10, 2011

I hate my handwriting.  This week I finally sat down and addressed our save-the-dates.  I wish we had invested in a calligrapher after all because I’m very hard on myself and think the addresses look awful.  Something I guess I should just let go, but a part of me feels like once you start to let one thing go, then another, before you know it you’re letting all the small stuff slip up and then the whole wedding falls apart.  Psycho? Yes.

I started on my New Year’s Resolution this week of taking some “Me” time.  I hit up my mani/pedi place, got my hair highlighted and went to the spa for a massage and facial.  I also extended my training sessions to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and we starting to hit gym hard this week.   Maybe all this “me time” is a bit overboard but if you haven’t caught on by now when I do something, I do it 100%.  As I was getting a facial, I talked to my esthetician and she says we should start with the wedding regime 6 months out.   6 months out…that’s in April! That’s only about 3 months away!  And it has officially hit me that I am 9 months away from our wedding.  I started feeling a bit overwhelmed this weekend, but I have to trust that everything will be done. It will be.  But I still had a mini-freak out.

In planning news, Susie touched base with us as we returned from the holiday.  She and Beth say we’ll have a meeting in a few weeks to discuss design. I. Cannot. Wait.  To me, this is the FUN PART!!!  I cannot wait to see what Beth & Susie have to show and it will be so nice to have someone help package all of our ideas together.  Sometimes I love so many colors, prints, trends, etc… that it’s hard to make them cohesive.  Also, my mother-in-law to be and I also secured a date to have a girls wine tasting weekend up at her ranch in Santa Ynez just before the wedding.  I’m really excited about having not just my bachelorette party in Texas, but also a girls get together/shower just before the big day! That's all for now...until next time.



jacin {lovely little details} said...

such a random question but what is "jacey" short for? that's my nickname and i've never found another one! love this diary series :)

Jacey said...

I love your name!! :) Jacin. My mother got the name "Jacey" from the main actress in the movie "The Last Picture Show" It's my full name :) Tanks for reading!! xx