Real Life Bride : Week 3

Monday, December 6, 2010

This week was pretty slow in wedding planning news. So, I’m taking this opportunity to really journal about a few wedding feelings I’ve been having lately.

My name is Jacey Lenae Duprie.  I love my name. Maybe it’s a bit narcissistic, but I think it’s more about family pride and loyalty.  Grant and I have discussed this numerous times, although the discussion is usually very short and sweet.  He truly doesn’t care if I change my last name to “Leavitt.”  In fact, he says he loves my name the way it is. I completely understand the desire to take your husbands last name, and I cannot wait to become a part of the Leavitt family.  Grant’s family has welcomed me with open arms.  However, for some reason the idea of changing my name makes me feel sad and like I am losing my identity in a way.  Shannon (my MOH) thinks I’m just being a “hippie” (don’t kill me Shan.) And I’m sure 50% of the readers will agree. It’s a touchy subject I suppose.  But what is this weekly column for other than to help guide me through the process of becoming a “Mrs. “ A Mrs. Jacey Lenae Duprie? Now that isn’t right.  I’ve told Grant that I’m 100% giving our future hopeful children his name.  And he assures me that he is 100% happy with me keeping my name as is.

Everyone has his/her own opinion.  Maybe it’s all just a process and I’ll mature into the idea. We’ll see.  All that matters to me is that Grant is happy and I am happy, and we are.  At the end of the day I guess a name is just a name, or is it something more? Something symbolic? You can look at it either way.

Speaking of “Family” and names – have I mentioned how AWESOME the Leavitt family is?  Grant and his Mom surprised me with an engagement announcement in the newspaper. So sweet!! And don’t even get me started on Mr. Leavitt (err…Chase) and Grant’s siblings.  I would be so lucky as to take on their last name….

Here’s me and the Leavitt clan minus Grant’s Mom – We’re at the USC Football Game – they are HUGE USC fans.

To change or not to change?  That’s still up in the air, but one thing that’s no in question is how lucky I feel to be a part of this family.

Planning Status:

We are mailing our deposits and contracts for several vendors next week!
Starting to address the Save –The-Dates


Britt said...

I know what you mean about changing your name. I wasn't too keen on changing mine either. My husbands name is Garcia. Honestly, I don't look like a Garcia (pale skin, blonde hair, etc). The deciding factor for me was my children. On their birth certificate I wanted them to know their parents had the same name. So now I am Britney Garcia. After 2 years I am still getting used to it. Whatever you choose will be fine. It is wonderful that you have a fiance that will support you no matter what you decide:)

Jacey said...

Thanks Britt ~ It's nice to know I'm not crazy :) I completely agree with the children having their father's last name. It's already hard enough these days tracing genealogy. I will definitely change my name...eventually :) We have great men for understanding and loving that they have strong, independent women as their partner. All the best!