Real Life Bride: Week 32

Monday, June 14, 2010

About a month ago, as part of our attempt to do something special and fun together every week, Ryan and I decided to cash in on our fabulous engagement gift from his parents - a champagne brunch cruise through the harbor! Unfortunately for us, you have to book in advance and once you do it's non-transferable and this happened to be an overcast weekend. Apparently there is this thing called "May Grays" here in San Diego, and this is in addition to the "June Gloom" that I am familiar with from LA!

Nonetheless, I donned my cutest Sunday-brunch-worthy skirt and we were off! Little did we know of the adventure we were embarking on just to make it to the ship. Our directions lead us to the same street that goes in to the airport, which is also on the harbor a little further down. This would have been fine except for the fact that there was road construction and they were down to one lane entering the airport! It was a parking lot in the street and people were literally getting out of their cars (that people were dropping them off in, not that they were driving) and running to catch their planes! We decided to park the car and walk as Ryan's iPhone kindly informed us that we were only 0.3 miles away.

Well, that may have been the case had we gone the right way. I don't know if we said N. Harbor and it was actually S. Harbor or what, but we ended up in front of an empty Navy building - 10 minutes before our boat was supposed to leave (20 minutes after we were supposed to have arrived)! We frantically tried to figure out what was going on and were practically running down the boardwalk towards any boats we could see. It would have been helpful too if there were street numbers, but hey, I guess when you are on a harbor there isn't exactly a curb to paint with numbers? Or building to number for that matter. Anyway, we ultimately ended up passing our destination (where is the proper signage?!), asking for directions, running around like crazy people and then finally boarding at 10:55am! Phew!

Fortunately, we had a little private table by the window and were greeted with a glass champagne. Yes, please!

The brunch buffet was delicious and we sure didn't hold ourselves back (I still have five months to fit into that dress!).

After eating we made our way out onto the deck for just a few minutes to enjoy the ocean air and beautiful gloomy views.

{going under the Coronado Bridge - our self portraits aren't quite as good as Steve's!}

All-in-all it was a lovely morning and a little adventure to remember!

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