Hatch My House

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Style Me Pretty recently introduced me to the greatest new registry option out there called, Hatch My House. It's a registry website where guests have the options to gift you funds to put towards the purchase of a home. Now, I'm the first to say, I'm not the biggest fan of asking for cash gifts. Simply because I believe many people still want to know they are giving you a wedding gift that you will keep forever. BUT, I think this registry accomplishes both goals. It allows the couple to receive much needed funds while allowing the guest to contribute to something that, while you may not have forever, you will create lifelong memories in. Anyway, if you have EVERYTHING you need and can't think of what to register for, go on over and check out Hatch My House. It's truly a great concept!


ever ours said...

so neat!

Teisia said...

that's cool! I prefer my myregistry.com cash gift fund for the honeymoon but the housefund option is cute too!

Mae Ling said...

Nice! Yea, I agree with Teisia...this is a great idea, but I have used the MyRegistry.com cash gift fund option before, and like that one a lil better too.