Your To Do List for Your Downtime

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As mentioned on Monday, if you have given yourself ample time for the wedding planning process, you will likely hit a point where you are in a bit of a holding pattern. Design can be touched on, but not finalized, timelines can be drafted but not completed, and so on and so on. On Monday, I mentioned what I personally, think you should be doing with the time, but for those of you that are amazing at balancing your life, meaning: 1. your fiance is happy 2.  your familial relationships and friendships haven't suffered and 3. you and work is going perfectly, then the "lull", as I like to call it, can also be a good time to work on the following:

Start your beauty regimen
If you haven't been following my girl, Susie's posts, then click here, here and here to find a way to start treating your skin right all the while getting it ready for the big day.

Start your pre-wedding workouts
Whether you are planning a full blown program with a personal trainer or you're just going to step up your current regimen a notch, now's a good time to get moving.

Get in the gift giving mood
Start thinking about and purchasing the gifts for all of your lovely friends and family, without whom, you wouldn't have made it this far. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents or even the people who will serve as guest book attendant, etc. all are gift worthy.

Plan that honeymoon
I'm sure you've already been dreaming about the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, but now let's put those plans in place.

Start registering
If you haven't done so already, start checking out your registry options. Showers and celebrations will likely start within the last two to three months of your wedding plans and it's great to have the registries in place before hand.

Start shopping
The dress will be in soon and fittings will begin! You'll need to have your shoe options narrowed down in time for the seamstress to get started. Also, it's always nice to see the whole package complete with jewelry, hair piece and undergarments.

Start your DIY projects
If there is anything you're hoping to do yourself, now's the time to get started. I promise those favors and other little goodies you are making by hand, will take much longer than you anticipate, so get them started now and save yourself many sleepless nights closer to the wedding.

Get the groom's attire in order
If your fiance is like most, he hasn't finalized his wedding day attire. Use this time to get the discussion going and finalize details on his fancy pants.

Reconnect with your fiance
I know I'm like a broken record and it's likely EVERYONE is telling you the same thing, but sometimes wedding plans distract from the real situation at hand, which is, you are about to be married. You could reconnect in a variety of ways from pre-marital counseling to simply just having a few heart to hearts with your fiance about situations you anticipate facing as a married couple. It will be good to touch base in a way that doesn't revolve around the flower girl's hair or which napkins will look best with your table scape. Or, if you're so inclined, just go out and have fun together, like my beautiful bride, Lauren and her fiance, AJ who are shown above...
Image by Heather Kincaid