Wedding Guests' Secret Gripes : Part III

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now, you're NEVER, I mean, NEVER, going to make everyone happy, so don't even put that kind of pressure on yourself! But do think about your guests and their comfort at your wedding. Next week, I'll be back with a few tips on how to combat some of these guest complaints, but in the meantime, here are the final three common omplaints of wedding guests, according to The Knot...

Nothing reminds us of our dating status like a wedding. No need to rub it in our faces with even more reminders. The garter and bouquet tosses are like saying, "Hey, look at them. They're single!" Could you blame us if we hide in the bathroom as soon as the DJ announces it? And, come on, even if they did honestly predict we'd be the next to marry, do we really want some cheesy guy slipping garters up our legs? Of course, we'd prefer to be invited with a date, but we get why you may not be able to give us that, especially if we'll know lots of other people there. But if everyone we know is making out with their significant other all night, we're going to be pissed that you couldn't include one extra person to make us feel a little more comfortable.

We know we'll have to help out with some tasks when we agree to be in the bridal party, but it's insulting when you consider a task like manning the guest book table an honor. We'd rather just be a regular guest at the wedding than have some silly duty like that. At the very least, give us a heads up if you'll need our help. Don't spring flower girl babysitting duties on us minutes before the reception.

It's frustrating when we fly all the way to your wedding and you don't take the time to thank us for making the trip. Even if we haven't come a long way, make an effort to thank us for coming anyway. We know it's hard to talk to every guest at the wedding, but that's why, at the very least, we better get a thank-you card from you when you get back from your honeymoon!

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Eden said...

Hi Beth! I smiled when I read your first line - thank you. I agree with taking the comfort of friends who aren't coupled into account. We're specifically not doing either a bouquet or garter toss. We're not able financially to give "plus one" to all of our single guests - we have 22. We are hoping that there's enough of a mix of couples/singles that our single guests won't feel uncomfortable. We have 43 couples/families and are hoping to be close to 100.