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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sorry for the late start today! I'm traveling on the East Coast in preperation for a lovely wedding that will take place in the Hamptons in August. I couldn't be more excited for this couple and just cannot wait to share the results of the marathon planning sessions I'm currently a part of! In the meantime though, I must tell you about my day. It began by hopping off of a red eye straight into meetings, meetings and more meetings, where I was reminded of how much vendors talk amongst themselves. We are planning this sweet wedding in a very small community where literally every vendor knows everyone and most knew all about the wedding long before I even scheduled our planning sessions. Literally...we went into the caterer for a tasting today and he had some how obtained a quote from our rental company without me even telling him which company I was using. The florist knew the color palette and tent we were going with by chatting up another local vendor and the site manager knew exactly what type of honey my clients preferred on their figs. Okay, well the last one is an exaggeration, but it definitely might be possible for all I know! And, you can best believe that the color story and rental details were not all they discussed!

In a small or even a large community, couples and vendors should know that many talk in the industry. If you are the most gracious bride ever, you will be bragged about. If you are cruel to the cake designer, under value your florist or praise your videographer with nothing but love, you better believe that many people know. As a planner, I'm pretty much sworn to secrecy no matter what I encounter behind closed doors, but other vendors, well, not so much. That's why often I can schedule a meeting for a client only to find out later that their reputation, good or bad, has preceded them. Whether you are kind or cruel, word travels fast! So, do yourself a favor, whether you are a bride or a vendor...treat everyone as if you may have to cross their path again sometime in the future. You never know if that florist you insulted is the sister of the photographer you love, or if the caterer you dissed is besties with your stylist. While everyone is here to serve you, it's best to make friends throughout the process. I'm sure it goes without saying that treating people well will ensure they go above and beyond for you. And, who wouldn't want that on their wedding day?!

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