Designing a Wedding You're In Love With : Part I : Look For Inspiration Everywhere

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

 Day in and day out, couples come to me and ask, “Is it okay if I do this, or will it look all wrong?” to which I always respond, “It’s your wedding – you make the rules!” The very first (and probably most
important) piece of advice I give my clients is to just do what they love. Of course, that is always easier said than done. With so many expectations to meet from parents, friends, and even themselves, it’s really hard for most brides and grooms to feel free to create a day that completely represents who they are as a couple. But producing an atmosphere that allows guests to enjoy a glimpse into your life and personality doesn’t have to be complicated – and you will love your wedding day that much more.

When beginning the planning and design process, I suggest first taking inventory of everything you
love, from your favorite food to the cultures and music you like best. Once you determine the things in
your everyday world that truly move you, start thinking about how you can incorporate the items either literally or figuratively into your wedding day. Do you have a favorite cupcake shop that you always stop by when you’re running errands? Those cupcakes can make a yummy dessert or take- away for the wedding. Do you have a particular dress that you are absolutely in love with? The look and feel of the fabric can be translated into the perfect table linens or as the pattern that lines your invitation envelopes. Even the menu of your favorite restaurant can help determine the type of meal you will serve your guests on your wedding day. Inspiration can be found everywhere; so consider the things that make you both happy and write them down.

Photography by Steve Steinhardt


ever ours said...

fantastic tips, beth. this is super useful.

Laura said...

Beth - you are an amazing wedding planner and a wonderful person. I hope you are having a good day :)