Something Blue

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The final edition of this series, is also my favorite. I am a huge fan of an unexpected dose of color and while it doesn't necessarily have to be blue for many brides, it's a good excuse for you classic brides to get in a little flair. Here are some of my favorite options out there:

I would love to own these little beauties from Tiffany's for my every day wear.
I love J.Crew's cardigans in every color. This sweet shade of blue would be perfect for those chilly wedding nights.
This is definitely for the edgier bride, but I loved this retro clutch so much that I had to share. There are definitely some more classic options all of the traditional ladies out there. Check out Etsy for a huge selection!
I love this dress in a big way! Though I will say, I'm a huge fan of the traditional white wedding gown, this gown is starting to sway my thinking.
For all of your glam brides out there, these Louboutin's are to die for!
But, let's be can't wear those heels all night long. Switch them out with the sweetest blue ballet flats when the ceremony is over. Don't forget to have your seamstress adjust the bustle accordingly.
Blue panties are a great way to hide the something blue if you don't want such an obvious pop of color.These vintage shoe clips were the perfect touch for my bride, Susie's wedding, back in October. There were actually clip on earrings she found while antique shopping.
Another one for the edgier brides out there. Blue toenails can be so much fun, if not on your wedding day, maybe the morning after. Chanel has a beautiful shade which can be found at Nieman Marcus or Bloomingdale's.


Paige Appel said...

LOVE these blue picks Bethy. Good post! xo

Stephie said...

Where is the blue dress from?