Southern Weddings Photoshoot

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Now, that I know all of you have picked up your copy of the latest Southern Weddings magazine, I feel safe to share some of the images from the photo shoot I worked on with Steve Steinhardt and Laura Hooper. The assignment from the magazine was to design three welcome baskets for three different wedding destinations. I chose Mexico, Italy and Georgia and had a blast coming up with the concepts. Tomorrow I'll share how to create a meaningful welcome gift, but for today, just enjoy some of Steve's beautiful pictures:

First up was Georgia. We included Fresh Georgia Peaches, Apple Cider, A mini pecan pie and some crusty bread with fresh peach jam. It was all presented in a beautiful ceramic bowl with a Southern Flair and was accompanied by some hand selected books wrapped in coordinating papers and a parasol for the warm Georgia sun. Laura created a custom tag for the gift with a peach graphic in the background that went with the feel so well.

Next up was Mexico! For this destination, I chose to greet the guests with chips, salsa, fresh limes and local beer. For the presentation, Spanish inspired pottery which doubles as a beautiful souvenir for the guests. Laura Hooper created one of her amazing maps of the destination which she has become so famous for and I finished the gift with some brightly colored flowers for the guest to enjoy throughout their vacation.

The last welcome gift was for Italy. Inside of a wrought iron basket, I included regional olive oil, italian bread and fresh basil. To quench the guest's thirst, fresh lemons and refreshing bottle of Limonata from San Pellegrino. In the bottom of the basket, I included a cozy pashmina for the evenings and Laura Hooper finished it off with a wedding week itinerary outlining all of the activities the guests can expect during their stay.


Katharine @ Southern Weddings said...

Wow! This is so lovely!! Thank you for sharing :)

Emily @ Southern Weddings said...

I love it! Fun to hear even more details about the beautiful images. Thank you again!