Recharging Your Battery

Monday, October 19, 2009

I know I've been MIA and I wish I could give you some AMAZING excuse, but the truth is, I've been super busy with lots of good stuff. Weddings, photo shoots, book projects, traveling for events, you name it and I've been doing it. But, also, what I've been doing a bit of is recharging my battery. I just realized that it's almost the end of another year and I haven't slowed down for a minute to really take it in. As silly as it sounds, my old dog is yet another year older. I haven't spoken with my family and friends in months and not by intention. (Yes, Dad, I know, I know!) Sometimes we just get so caught up in what we're doing that we don't take a minute to stop and breathe. So, I've been breathing and I've been saving all of my energy for my beautiful brides who are marrying in the next couple of weeks and reenergizing myself for the amazing couples I'm already working with for 2010, which coincidentally, I have some truly spectacular events on board for next year. I'm more inspired every day!

Anyway, my point is not to give you excuses or whine, because truth be told, I have a pretty fab life, but rather to remind you that the wedding planning process flies by. Some of you will spend a year plus focusing on one important day in the future and it is a BLAST!! But, keep in mind that other life will be happening too! Not to get a little Buddha on you, but make sure you don't spend all of your energy focusing so much on a future event that you don't take time to really enjoy the present! Like me, I notice many of of my clients and probably many of you brides out there could benefit a bit from slowing down for a minute, taking it all in and recharging your battery. In the end, taking things into perspective and just taking a minute to yourself or for your family will ensure you don't lose it closer to the wedding and ensure you can really, truly enjoy every minute of what is such a special point in your lives. Happy planning!!

PS. Of course, I've also been revamping my blog while I've been away. I hope to have a new blog launched within a couple of weeks and hope you all will hang in there and continue to offer your support and readership when it goes live!

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SusieK said...

Such great advice to take a breather and enjoy the moment. I hope you had a restful and well deserved break! Very excited to see what Beth has in store for the future. I anxiously await!