Loving This: Paloma's Nest

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love Paloma's Nest with big fat, enormous capitals L-O-V-E. It doesn't help that I'm already such a sucker for ceramics (I took 4 years of sculpture and ceramics in college & I'm slowly turning into a hoarder with all of the beautiful cake plates and tea cups I have inadvertently started collecting). But, Caroline over at Paloma's Nest has brought my love to another level. Her designs are simple and charming yet the messages are powerful. She creates beautiful pieces which can be used for the obvious such as jewelry holders, ornaments, etc., but what she is really creating is an heirloom that can be enjoyed by generations to come. $20 to $50 is a small price to pay for such a pretty little piece! I think these items are great for many, many things such as gifts for the bridal party, a ring bearer pillow (her claim to fame) or even just a token of your appreciation to friends, family and even your fiance.


courtney said...

I've loved her "I love you" bowl since the first time I saw it. Great post!

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