Quick Design Tip: Don't forget the linens

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm a linen snob and anyone who has worked with me knows that I think linens and/or the furniture you choose is the palette for your design. Many, many couples come to me in the beginning convinced they are just going to use the in house option for tables, chairs, linens, etc. and just "dress it up" with some candles and flowers. Here's my response: Sure, you can do that and your event can look like every other wedding being thrown on any given Saturday night across the nation. Flowers are amazing...believe me, I'm a flower snob too...but they are only part of the picture.

Put another way, I look at the tables whether with or without linens like furniture in your home. You wouldn't choose to get any ole table for your house and then just say, "ehh, I'll just dress it up with some great place mats or something." No, you would take the time to find the table and chairs that are right for your style and home. The same should be said for your wedding. Take the time to really think about what the right palette for your amazing flowers, lighting, stationery, etc. is. Is it a beautifully distressed wood table dressed in only lightweight, lace table runners? Is it layers and layers of luxurious dupioni silk linens? Or, maybe it is just a crisp, clean white table cloth, but I promise you, no matter what your style is, the right choice is not a cheap polyester table linen that shows off the metal legs of a rental table. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm as frugal as all get out. I would be embarrassed to share my wedding budget with you, so I'm not suggesting for you to bust the bank on the linens or furniture, but what I am saying is give them a little love too. Cut a smidge off of the flower budget if possible, or completely eliminate things like programs and favors (as God knows very few people appreciate them) and instead, really finish the look of your event.

Oh and on a side note, the napkins are the only piece of your decor that your guests will literally interact with. This being said, really consider getting something that is nice to the touch and feel. It is a subtle touch that doesn't go unnoticed.


Coordinately Yours said...

Excellent advice!

Helen Yu said...

i'm so glad we went with the la tavola linens for the dinner reception. thanks for your recommendation -- it made all the difference and the tables looked fabulous!