Quick Design Tip: Don't celebrate the ugly

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It is rare that I walk into a venue and it is absolutely perfect. There is usually an eye sore somewhere, whether it be portapotties near the entrance, a chain link fence in the back ground or an 80's style lattice surrounding the storage area. Most people's first instinct is to decorate the area. They want to tie ribbons to the railing going up the steps to the bathrooms, add twinkle lights to the lattice and drape garlands over the chained link fence. My advice is this...either completely hide the eye sores or ignore them. While there are great ways to cover things like this from manicured hedging to draping that coordinates with the rest of your room, adding lights, flowers, ribbons, garlands and so on to something ugly, only draws more attention to that something ugly. If you don't have it in the budget to cover these areas up, then ignore them. Divert guest's attention by creating a beautiful table scape, a lush lounge area or other area decor on the other side of the room or venue. Chances are they will never even notice the oh, so annoying part of the room that's been keeping you up at nights.


Michelle said...

GREAT tip. I'll definitely take that one with me.

hannah said...

I love how you say what Im thinking:)