Shipping for your Destination Weddings

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think we all know how much I love destination weddings. There are definitely a lot of pros such as a more intimate experience overall. They last several days typically than the average wedding and I could go on and on and on. But, there are obviously cons too which we'll cover all of them another day, but today, let's chat about shipping. Shipping for a destination wedding can literally add hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars to your budget. Depending on the location, how remote it is and your level of taste, be prepared to leave a little room for shipping many items you need. It might be the perfect vases you want your local florist to use or just something as simple as the items for your welcome bags or even just the personal decor that you spent hours upon hours perfecting. In the end, I, of course, it's all worth it if it means creating a day that's unique to you, but just be sure to pad those numbers a bit so you're not shocked in the end. Also, if you are planning to keep any of the items you shipped to the destination after the wedding, leave a little room in your budget to ship things back. That tends to be an even bigger surprise to many destination couples as it's an easy expense to overlook. Often we actually donate many of the items to the venue, florist or even good will following our events, but on occasion our clients will spend hundreds, if not THOUSANDS to get those same items back to their hometown...

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