Real Life Bride: Week 39

Monday, August 2, 2010

Last week I got an email from Ryan with the subject line "Would you marry this man?" My first thought was that he had forwarded me an article on the horrible things grooms do or something to that effect. I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked open the email and attached was a photo of my handsome fiance himself in his new wedding suit that had just arrived that day! Yes, that's right - we have suits! Available sizes were limited and we were afraid of them selling out (which would be oh so sad after finally finding a grey suit that we could both agree on), so we had all five suits shipped directly to us. We had actually decided that if these suits didn't work we would just stick with basic black...and the thought remained as we ventured out on the pursuit of finding the perfect ties to compliment said suits. With the bridesmaids wearing blue, we thought that would be a good first place to start. The most difficult thing then became finding two ties that would match with the bridesmaids, the grey suits (which have slight black threading), and each other, so that the groomsmen could all wear one tie and Ryan could wear a coordinating, yet different tie.
After striking out at Macy's, we ventured over to Nordstrom where we found a very helpful salesman who must've pulled about 30 ties for us to look at, hold up, compare to each other, etc, for about 45 minutes (or more, it seemed like forever at 9pm at night)...which happened to be well after closing time. In fact the "this store is now closed" lady came over the loudspeaker at least three times and even started directing any employees that still has customers in their area to please let the operator know, which Charles (salesman) seemed to be non-chalantly ignoring. Ultimately, we found our "perfect" ties and left the store tired and hungry, but very happy to have had success!

As we left Ryan divulged that he was glad he had found a suit and tie(s) after having searched through online wedding blogs looking at grey suit combinations - yes, he has listened to me talk about the various wedding websites and even mentioned Style Me Pretty specifically. My fiance remembered about and went on Style Me Pretty! I was so proud/impressed and definitely pleased that finding a nice grey suit "look", which is what I had wished for, was so important to him. I'd be willing to say that with the date just around the corner, Ryan is starting to get just as excited as I am! Well maybe not just as, but getting closer...

We also found out that our wedding rings are ready for pick up at the jeweler, and now that we're within 90 days of the wedding we printed out our application for a marriage certificate. We can apply (in person) in San Diego and it's valid anywhere in California - nice and convenient!

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