What's Keeping You Sane?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

 Wedding season is in full effect on my end, which I'm sure you've noticed by the lack of my blogging. You know the feeling, right? You have soooo much going on that something just has to give. Well, in my case, I had to give up blogging here and there so I could ensure all of our events this month were a huge success, which I'm happy to report was indeed the case :). BUT, the funny thing I realized was, while I thought cutting back on my blog would help alleviate my stress, I actually think the opposite was true. Writing, I've actually discovered is a bit of a release for me. It helps me to spend 30 minutes pounding out my random thoughts about the world of weddings at the end of a long day of putting out fires, controlling chaos and the likes. 

As you plan your wedding, what have you given up in your everyday world, schedule, etc. that maybe you've been missing out on? Coffee with your best friend? Yoga with your sister? And, by altering your life to make room for bouquets and wedding cakes, have you found that it's actually alleviating pressure? Or, are you, like me, finding you're missing out on one of your outlets which ensures a happy life?

It's a struggle for many people to balance EVERYTHING. There's no shame in that! Add to the every day pressures of your normal world, the hours upon hours needed to make your wedding day perfect, and the word "balance" is damn near impossible. But, the next time you have a minute, think about what really is taking too much of your time and energy and what activities you do that may add a bit of value in your world. Also, if you have a moment, let us know what YOU are doing to alleviate the stress of wedding plans? We would love to hear your grand ideas and maybe even share them with other brides who are looking for the perfect outlet!


Jody Shi said...

I haven't figured out what's keeping me sane yet....but I need to figure that out really soon!!! Working out does help me though....but I'd like to find more relaxing ways of unwinding.

Lys said...

Pilates! I also try to handle a lot of personal stuff at breaks and lunchtime during the day so that I have the evenings to simply relax with my fiance...