Real Life Bride: Week 31

Monday, June 7, 2010

As mentioned in last week's post, we recently spent a full wedding planning weekend in LA. After the menu tasting, visit with the pastor, stop at the winery to pick up some samples and then dining with our friends to try them, we finished up with our engagement shoot with the fabulous Steve Steinhardt!

Ryan and I are both somewhat awkward and uncomfortable with pictures in general, so having professional, posed-but-supposed-to-look-natural photos was pretty least for me. We aren't planning to do anything specific with our engagement pictures, it was just a good way to get more comfortable with our photographer and each other in these sorts of pictures before the big day, so that was important to me.

Anyway, our masterplanned weekend culminated with this Sunday evening photo session. We had decided to do the pictures at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica and then finish off at the Santa Monica Pier.  One of our first dates had been at the Pier and Shutters was the other venue we were considering for the wedding. We both love the beach (evening time only for me - sensitive skin!) and thought this would be fitting considering our wedding is no where near coastal.

Sure enough, there was a freak wind storm in Santa Monica that day. Steve initially suggested rescheduling, but this was at 5pm and I had already done my hair and makeup and we stayed all weekend to do this and we simply would have to tough it out!! Yes, this is me explaining to him, but even more so I was justifying it to myself. I basically decided that even if we had to just go inside and do awkward poses until we were comfortable with them then that's what we would do! Long story short, it definitely was not as uncomfortable as I had been imagining. Ryan was a sport through the entire two hours (and really only asked in the last five minutes if we could go home soon - remember, our home was another two hours away in San Diego!), granted he was in jeans and long sleeves - I was the one freezing in a skirt and short sleeves!

Despite the freezing wind, Steve was able to get some nice photos and we are so pleased already. I jokingly told him that I only cared about having at least five good pictures and with this special "sneak peek", I'm thinking I will definitely get my wish when we see the rest of the shots! 

Even if there were no other photos coming, I would be happy with just this one of me and my handsome fiance!

Thanks Steve & Hannah - we already can't wait to see pictures from the wedding!

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Laura said...

These are great pics. I especially like the ones where your hair is so perfectly wind-blown. That was a windy day!