Real Life Bride: Week 23

Monday, April 12, 2010

Now that the vendors are all booked, we are excited to focus more on making the wedding a true reflection of us. We've made a good start by choosing the outdoor venue (I like an outdoor, relaxed "gathering" feeling vs. an indoor banquet feeling), an Italian rustic menu served family and French style (we both love Italian food and the more relaxed serving style; it feels more like you're at a dinner party of sorts), and of course the neutral colors of the flowers, tables and bridesmaid dresses. But now that we are starting to create our invitations and other printed materials and basically all of the details of the day, it's time for us to really think about what we like and what we want to share with our guests.

One of these items is...our signature drinks! We've been talking about having two or three signature drinks since the very early stages of planning, but we are pretty indecisive, probably since neither of us drinks that much! One of my favorites is the Mojito, which ties in beautifully with our colors, so that's a definite contender. Ryan thinks "whiskey" and "tequila" are good options, but we have yet to tie those into an actual drink. So we've decided to have a taste test! Since we have no alcohol in our place, this is a good way to start a small collection.

In addition to figuring out our drink scenario, we've also started discussing our invitation suites. Laura has some grand ideas, but ultimately she is keeping it all in line with our taste - neutral, neutral neutral!! I think will our blue, grey and ivory colors, the finished product will be truly beautiful and we can't wait to see what she comes up with!

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