Real Life Bride: Week 21

Monday, March 29, 2010

A couple months ago Ryan and I informally registered online, which was fun and easy, but not necessarily complete or thorough. So this past week we made our first trip to Macy's to register in the store...and it was exhausting! There are so many items to go through and lists to check off, it was actually kind of overwhelming.

The biggest surprise of the experience, though, was Ryan's interest in fine china! We had loosely decided that we would only register for everyday dishes because of our small guest list. We didn't want to end up with two half-full sets of dishes and wouldn't have an immediate need for china, but Ryan thought the fine china patterns were so nice that we might just go for both!

I have a few friends who recommended multiple trips for registering, so after a couple hours, we opted to call it a day and get re-organized. The good news is that we mostly like all the same things!

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Amberdawn said...

I had fun registering at Pottery Barn. I just picked out a few things because of my small guest list too. So when I finished and the saleswoman went through my list she told me I didn't have enough, in a very disapproving tone! She said "you need more of these," and changed my quantity. I smiled sweetly and thanked her for her help. So when I got home I just went online and changed it back. Hah.