Choosing the Right Venue for Your Wedding Style : Part I, The Resort Wedding

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One of the major perks of being a wedding planner are special invites to wedding planner retreats. Venues throughout Southern Cali love nothing more than to bring wedding designers such as myself in for a few days to experience the space in just the way a couple would if they were marrying on the property. When I first started getting invited to these shindigs, while completely honored, I found myself thinking, why on earth would this 400 room resort invite me, a planner, who specializes in boutique style and intimate events, to their property. Well, let me tell you something, visiting these properties has certainly opened my eyes to possibilities that I previously wouldn't have considered. And, while, I love being pampered like a bride, what I love even more is coming home refreshed and with eyes wide open to all of the possibilities out there for venues. With this being said, I begin this series talking about the pros of each type of wedding venue. And, in honor of the Grand Del Mar which just had me as a guest, I am starting with resorts. While, very few meet the service standards of Grand Del Mar, there are some resorts out there that will treat you like the princess you know you are while being special enough to spend one of the most significant days of your lives in their hands. Here it goes:

You might find a resort the PERFECT place to marry if you are a couple who:

1. Prefers convenience for their guests allowing them to roll straight to bed after a night long of celebrating your nuptials. Most resorts offer enough accommodations that allow all of your guests to stay in the same place. If you are having more than 10 rooms, don't forget to inquire about a room block that may qualify you for a discounted rate for you and your guests

2.  Likes the idea of giving your day your own special touch with flowers, lighting and linens but doesn't want to go so far as to have to pick out every fork, glass or china. Resorts typically have all of their equipment in house making that part of the planning a breeze. Though you are also not limited as if desired and in the budget, you always have the option to customize any detail you want.

3. Wants to make a weekend out of your wedding all in one location, though you want each event to have a different feel. Resorts typically have several event spaces that allow for convenience and versatility.

4. Likes the idea of having on-site service to handle your every wish that may or may not be directly related to your wedding. For example, an on-property spa or a concierge that can plan a night out for you and your bridesmaids is always a plus!

5. Prefers consistancy over creativity. While resorts are able to customize anything from your menu to your linens to fit your style, they really specialize in offering you and your guests a consistant experience. If you do your research, ideally you know far in advance what you can expect from the resort in terms of service, food and quality of accommodations.

Stop by next week to find out if you are more of a private estate sort of gal...

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