Something Borrowed

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Following up from my posts on "something old" and "something new" from the past two weeks, today, I'm sharing some suggestions on what you can do for your "something borrowed." Because there is no way for me to know what your best friend or Aunt Cathy might have in their arsenal to loan you, I am just giving you a few suggestions on how to meet the requirement without ruining your wedding day style:

 Borrowing your friend or family member's veil if they have a similar style as you can be a good option. If you are skipping the veil, a lovely headband or other hair accessory can be amazing as well.
Classic diamond earrings can be an easy find amongst your friend's jewelry box.
I don't know about yours, but my grandmother has the most out of this world vintage handkerchiefs in her collection. They are perfect for wrapping around the handle of your bouquet.
Another easy find is a classic strand of pearls like this glorious Chanel necklace.
Ask your grandmother or an older female relative what bag they carried on their wedding day. You just may find the perfect vintage clutch among their closets.

It may sound weird but when my best friend married, she borrowed the underskirt I wore on my wedding. Obvisouly not the right choice for every bride, but if you want to hide your something borrowed while saving a few dollars, this can be a good option.
Many of my Catholic brides have borrowed Rosary beads to wrap around their bouquet. A beautiful and appropriate touch for a religious wedding.

A lovely brooch to add to your clutch or bouquet is charming and the perfect element to borrow.

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