I'm Engaged! Now What?: Part Three

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Once you have your team in place, the fun can begin. You can now start thinking about the specifics and really experiencing what your day will look like. Visit the venue with your planner. Explore design questions like what type of decor will your ceremony have and what will your bouquet look like? Will you have a lounge area? How will you incorporate lighting?

Chat with the caterer about what your dinner menu will include. What wines do they recommend pairing with the meal? And, what will the bar be composed of? When the timing is right, schedule a tasting so you can get the full experience.

Set up appointments with your florist to see sample centerpieces and discuss all floral decor. She's also a good person to join in on the conversations regarding linens and lighting in an effort to create a cohesive look.

Call your stylist and ask for a trial run.

Have your invitation designer get started on the save-the-dates, stationery concepts and so on and so on.

Some of these items you may touch on during the interviews with the vendors, but once they have been hired on, you can really start working to create the perfect look and feel for your day!

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