Friday, December 18, 2009

Is there a polite way to say "we are not registered for gifts, please give us money..."Um, the quick and dirty answer is absolutely not. You simply cannot tell people what to give you for a gift. Many, many people see a wedding gift as something significant that they are hoping you will keep forever and others see cash as an easy option, but no matter what flat out telling people what to get for you is just not appropriate. A registry is one thing and the people that WANT help with what to get you will refer to the registry or ask someone close to you. If you want to skip the registry and have your familes and bridal party spread the word that cash is your preference, that's an option, but a risky one in my opinion. Often if you don't register, you are leaving people up to their own devices on what to get you for your wedding. Meaning you may just end up with some crazy set of homemade hot pads, a crystal picture frame you will never use or any variety of 10 toasters. All of this is fine if they think to give you a gift receipt, but the safest thing to do is register. If you really don't want the items, you can always return them for store credit and build up enough credit to get the larger items you really want.


an aqua juel said...

Is it ok to include gift cards on your registry?

Allison @ The Innovation Companies said...

Beth, I think if you register at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you can return things and get cash back (at least this used to be the case a few years ago). If you register there and then return the stuff, you can get the money... not that I'm advocating for this. I think it is a bit tacky and could lead to sticky situations if you invite someone over and can't serve them dinner on the plates they gave you.