New Blog Format

Friday, August 21, 2009

As some of you might have noticed, I'm switching up my blog a bit. You are still going to hear about my happenings and see pictures from the real weddings I've been working on, but I now hope
to include so much more. I'm starting to include three new regular columns including:

-Planning Tidbits: This will be quick thoughts on budgeting, logistics and overall planning how to's.
-Quick Design Tips: Including my thoughts and inspirations for a well designed wedding or event.
-Loving This: Overviews of both new and sometimes old things on the market that I just love.

Mixed in with these regular features, I won't forget to update you on our latest print exposure and blog love we are receiving and of course, the favorite details and moments from our recent events. You may even find a guest blogger on here every now and then. I'm hoping to keep you updated three to five days a week, but if you don't hear from me, just know I'm cooking up some new events that you will soon be the first to know about.

With this new format, I'm hoping to not only create a space for you to come to for inspiration, but I'm also hoping to give you a little glimpse into my planning perspective. To warn you upfront, I plan to be a little more realistic about things as this is simply who I am. You likely are not going to find things like amazing DIY projects that look ridiculously easy only to find out they are impossible to do once you try it at home. I'm not going to give tips on how to have an over-the-top wedding on a budget of $3,573.68 and I will not write about things like how you can get your photographer to cut 75% off of their package price. That's not the type of planner I am in general and I don't ever want to provide false hope. Instead, I will tell you how to shave a few dollars without losing the overall style and sophistication of your event, how to set realistic budget expectations and overall how to make the most of your planning experience.

With all of this being said, if there is a question that's been keeping you up at night, a topic you want a planner's insight on or just something you love that you think my readers will love too, then please send those ideas over. You can do so by both commenting on my posts or directly via email at Thank you for reading!


an aqua juel said...

Looking forward to the new blog format! If we are looking for advice on design ideas, is that something you might be able to help with as well? For example, I'm still trying to figure out if I should dress up the ceiling of our venue at all and exactly what I should use. Or, is this too specific of a question to ask?

Beth Helmstetter said...

Hi Aqua Juel:

Here is my advice on ceilings and decor in general...if you have the funds to do so, great, BUT, if you are robbing from the floral, lighting, chairs and linen company to do so, skip it. People will not notice the ceiling as much as they will notice the other decor. :).

Beth Helmstetter said...

I meant if you are robbing from the floral, lighting, chair and linen BUDGET (not company :). I hope this helps!

an aqua juel said...

Haha, got ya :) Definitely! Makes a lot of sense. Thank you!
I do have another request though...I've started looking into different decor ideas for the ceremony but most of the blogs feature only the reception. I'd love to see some more of your ideas about ceremony decor! For example, do you ever do non-floral pew decorations?

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the new blog format!

Anonymous said...

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