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Friday, May 8, 2009

One of my weddings is in the running for the next issue of Inside Weddings and needless to say, I'm very excited. Part of the process involves an interview with the bride and groom on their planning experience and their overall reflection of the wedding day which has been a lot of fun to read. Anyway, I just received the groom's viewpoint on the planning and the wedding day and laughed out loud when I read his response to the question "What is your best advice for grooms planning their own celebration?" Here is what my groom, John, had to say:

"Dude, when you were a kid did you pretend your Gi-Joes were getting married? Me neither. Your fiancĂ©e has been waiting for this moment since she was a little girl. Basically just be of maximum service at all times. Get involved, from a distance, remember, it’s all about her. Practice saying things like, “yes honey” and “that lace is so beautiful” or “of course I want to look at the invitations again.”

I love, love, love this attitude, because it is just so true. Not that I don't want the groom to be involved in the process, because the wedding should definitely be a collaboration of the couple's style, but, every groom should keep in perspective what this day means to their bride. Be supportive when she wants to chat about the favors for the 12th time or can't decide between peonies vs. cymbidiums for the centerpiece. Accept the fact that you will walk away from the wedding planning experience knowing way too much about flowers, china, gown styles and the difference between a birdcage veil and cathedral length. While as a groom you may think much of the process is silly and insignificant, develop the attitude that these things are important to you simply because they are important to your fiancee. Doing so will ensure a much happier planning process (and marriage!).

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