Giving Back

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's hard to believe that I'm starting my seventh year of working with couples as they plan their big day. I've went through a bit of evolution during this time, from working at a private estate, to a luxurious resort to finally opening my humble little business, but every step has been a blessing. But, as many can probably relate, with a life of blessings comes the desire to give back, but, how, oh, how, does one decide the right organization to donate their time and resources to? At Beth Helmstetter Events, we just care about so many issues it is difficult to choose just one to support. But, when all is said and done I feel education is still the best way to develop and grow our future generations of young adults so eventually they can join in on the fight of whatever issues really get them going.

Because of this, we are now donating a portion of all profits to First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides disadvantaged children with new books both for educational purposes and just good ole’ clean entertainment. Maybe I'm a little bit dreamy, but I like to think our small contributions will make a difference
to a child somewhere and I hope you take pride in knowing that planning your wedding or event with us means you are also a part of educating our youth.

Of course, if you have a preferred charity, let’s talk. But in the meantime, take a peek at an organization that we think is doing very good things:

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BELOVED said...

I think it is a great thing that you do what you do. It is quite an amazing thing when you are able to give to even just one person. I hope you continue to help make a difference!