Let There Be Light

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So often, my clients asked me the question, "why do I need lighting?" and while I find it to be possibly THE most important element when it comes to the design of your event, it is a very hard thing to articulate. It's the difference between having a candlelight dinner and dining under the harsh light of your kitchen. The difference between sitting in a bland banquet room or a room saturated in your vibrant wedding colors and the difference between a well designed, sophisticated event and one that is definitely missing something.

Most couples focus their priorities on the area that they notice the most at a wedding. Be it the over-the-top flowers, the crazy band or the delicious feast, every couple has a different detail they remember when they leave an event. Rarely, if ever, have I had a couple mention that they noticed the lighting as it is very much an atmospheric and background element, but when comparing a room side by side, one with and one without external lighting, there is no argument. Lighting can turn a room into a romantic escape, a funky lounge or even a crisp palette on which you can implement your design. You can add shapes, monograms and other little details with lighting, or if your budget is smaller, at the very minimum, highlight those amazing flowers you spent so long picking out. All in all, it can truly help you create the atmosphere you are looking for, whether it be a garden event with paper lanterns or a ballroom that just needs a few flaws hidden behind some mood lighting. Now, I'm not completely insensitive to budgets and given the economy, I would never suggest breaking the bank to add this element, but what I do suggest is cutting back in florals or other areas to just add some basic lighting to the room. A few uplights and some pinspotting can go a very long way when trying to warm up a boring ballroom.

And, if you still can't take my word for it, check out the amazing "Before and After" gallery on one of my favorite lighting designers' sites, Peterson Lighting, because of course, seeing is always believing.

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