Friday, May 7, 2010

We were thinking about arranging our own flowers to save money. What are your thoughts on DIY projects like this? As a general rule, I've rarely seen a DIY project save someone money unless they are an expert in the area they are taking on themselves. For example, if you are arranging your own flowers, you will need to purchase the vessels and will likely not have the resources for wholesale flowers, meaning you will pay more per bloom than an actual florist would. Also, you will need to spend a bit more buying extra product (again, at retail rates) in case of errors, damaged flowers, etc. Lastly, your time is certainly worth something! How much do you get paid per hour? If you figure that into the number of hours you will spend arranging your own flowers, printing your own invitations, or whatever the case may be, I think you'll find that you will likely not save very much money, if any at all, not to mention the amount of stress you are adding to yourself by taking on projects like this.

Really, the ONLY reason to take on a DIY project for your wedding is if you actually enjoy the work and not because you want to save money. DIY projects can definitely bring personality and charm to your day. It lets guests see your inner talent and can be a lot of fun, especially if you can get the best friends, your mom, etc. involved in the projects. All of this is reason enough to take on some projects on your own, but I promise, you are just kidding yourself if you think DIYing is going to save any cold hard cash. If you do decide to take on a select bit of DIY projects, please, please limit it to minor projects that won't be too stressful and ones that won't impact the overall success of your day. If you want to create candles or assemble programs, so be it! If you love the idea of hand making your bridesmaid's gifts, go for it. But, try to resist the urge of taking on the big things like making your own wedding cake, DJing your own wedding or arranging your own flowers. Doing so will add more stress than any bride should have on her one and only wedding day!

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