Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm planning a destination wedding. How many trips should I plan to make to my destination prior to the wedding?The quick answer is as many trips as your budget will allow, however, I know as well as anyone that both time and finances are huge factors in determining the answer to this question. I recommend making at LEAST one trip to choose the venue and potential vendors. Plan to spend a minimum two or three days in your destination and get ready for marathon planning. Visit potential sites, meet caterers, photographers and floral designers. From there go home and assess all of your options. If you can find time to make a second trip, use this for tasting the menu, participating in floral prototype meetings and working out logistics with your vendors. When traveling to your destination the week of your wedding, also schedule time for a hair and makeup trial run, obtaining your marriage license and final meetings with vendors. Try to schedule these meetings early in the week so the days right before your wedding can be spent relaxing with guests.

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